What are the 4WD Accessories You can do Without?

The 4WD accessories available on the market today provide owners with a lot of huge options. The updated designs created by various manufacturers of 4WD accessories make the choice a challenging one.

Some of the amazing 4WD accessories include running your electrics by using a lithium-ion battery bank, an inverter to give you a good cuppa any time, and even a mobile app to control your winch! The only thing you need to acquire all these latest 4WD gizmos is a fat bank account.

The new designs with 4WD accessories are a never-ending story. Improving the older versions is a cycle that never seems to stop. Yet, what do you really need?

It is ironic to note that many 4WD owners travelling the great outback don’t own a lot of gadgets and gizmos. While there are also a lot of travellers sporting the newest accessories, the large majority of road adventurers don’t.

This gives you a pretty good idea that every new 4WD accessory out in the market holds the key to making your road trip fantastic, exciting, and safe.


How Tough is it to Travel Australia’s Outback?


One of the harshest places to travel is Australia’s outback. Yet, travelling in it is also a bucket list experience. However, things can quickly go south when you are unprepared to tackle the harsh conditions of the road.

It cannot be stressed enough that possessing the right 4WD accessories is the thing that can make or break your trip.


Importance of 4WD Accessories


The most important thing to consider when thinking of investing in 4WD accessories is the expense. However, while 4WD accessories are expensive, building them up to suit your needs and purposes is the right thing to do.

Some of the things to think about when adding 4WD accessories include:

Money value. You will never be able to recover the expense of buying 4WD accessories. That is why investing in them should always count.

Provide comfort. Will the trip become more comfortable when you invest in a certain 4WD accessory?

Reliable. Will the accessory provide reliability when you need it most?

Function. Will the chosen accessory function as it should when the time comes to use it?


What are the Important 4WD Accessories that You Can Do Without?


Some of the most important 4WD accessories you cannot do without include:


Safety first

Travelling off the road means making your safety a top priority. Time is not wasted when you have a complete first aid kit to fall back on during emergencies.

Communication is also a good way to ensure your safety while on the road. Some of the communication gadgets to have include:

  • A satellite phone
  • An HF radio
  • UHF radio
  • GPS tracker

Investing in a cargo barrier ensures your safety when it stops the gear in the back from falling forward.


Recovery gear

Getting yourself out of sticky and muddy situations needs help from recovery gear. The accessories included in the recovery gear such as traction boards, shackles, snatch straps, winch extension straps, and a long-handled shovel come in handy when you need to get out from a muddy road to firmer terrain.


High-quality tyres

High-quality tyres should be the choice always when it comes to travelling on rough terrain. The tyre has to be tough enough to withstand low tyre pressures, endless road corrugations, sharp stones, and rocks.

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